Searching for Kaylea

I'm real tired after my long bus trip--three solid days from IOWA Camp Number 365, Zone 574A West (Arizona), including a six-hour breakdown in Oklahoma and the long detour around the ruins of Washington--but my friend Kyle, who I'm crashing with, convinced me I should start a blog right away in case it helps with the search for Kaylea.
So all right. This is a total waste of time for anyone who knew me and her back here in Salisbury, Maryland, where we both grew up and went to school and lived for the first three years we were married. We were both born on the Fourth of July, 1993, and ever since we were in Prince Street Elementary the other kids used to tease us about that all the time, saying it meant we HAD to get married. "No it don't!" Kaylea used to holler back, her brown pigtails whipping back and forth she shook her head so hard. Of course that just made them tease her even more.
Me, I just smiled. Even when they went, "Rob and Kaylea, sittin' in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" I thought she was real pretty even when we were like seven.
Look, I got to get me some sleep now, I'm seeing triple I'm so damn tired. I know I got to post a picture of Kaylea here, but I only got the one little crumpled-up color print and Kyle don't have a scanner, so I'll have to find a place to scan it in when I wake up later today. So for now I'll just say she's about five foot two, slim build (not that anyone got fat in the IOWA camps, ha-ha), brown hair and eyes. Oh, and by race she's All American, of course, just like me--what they used to call white or Cawcayshun. (Spell check says that's wrong, but spell check don't like Kaylea, neither.)
She was deported a week or two after me--this was late August of 2019--and I heard a rumor she was at an IOWA Camp right here in Delmarva somewheres--that'd be a Zone number in the low two hundreds East, I think. I know it ain't much to go on. I promise I'll post that photo later today if I can find a working scanner! Everyone'll see then how pretty she is.
Posted by Rob Stevens at 08:17:45 Monday, March 2, 2026

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